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2022-10-10 MPSIM (Military Psychosocial Incident Management)

Military commanders could become concerned about the impact of continuous, critical, and traumatic operations on those in their command. One of their responsibility is to effectively start up and/or manage psychological care before they can consult with a military psychologist.
Military commanders assume a number of responsibilities related to health and medical support. Those include but are not limited to certain psychological support and countermeasures.
Course POC: WO Attila KECSKÉS (

2023-04-24 Emergency Management of Battlefield Injuries (EMBI) Course

Course organized in cooperation with Ecole du Val-de-Grâce, Paris and the Hungarian Defence Forces Medical Centre, Budapest
Aim: This yearly international course is aimed at providing to a large panel of military health professionals (juniors and seniors of different specialties) state-of-the-art knowledge about EMBI.
Target Audience: Medical doctors, specialists, technicians, and nurses who are planning to work in a multinational medical environment in NATO/UN/EU missions.
Language proficiency: English according to STANAG 6001 (listening/speaking/reading/writing)
Course POC: WO Attila KECSKÉS (